Robotics and Coding: Is Our Future Being Shaped By Them?

Robotics and Coding for Kids: A Woman's Face reflecting a series of computer codes

Robotics and coding are quickly gaining popularity nowadays. Mostly, we can see their influence in the movie and film making. In reality, robotics are primarily employed in safety and rescue operations. Moreover, there are also robotics in factories and manufacturing industry, in construction, in automotive, in banking, in hotel, in the restaurant and food industries. As well as in hospitals, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

Becoming the Latest Craze

Robotics and coding fast became the latest craze. They are literally everywhere. They not only invaded the different industries but also our homes as well.

Invading Our Homes

Without a doubt, robotics and coding invaded our homes. A lot of robotics technology inspired household items are now also available in the market. The convenience provided by robotics for laundry, for cleaning and sweeping the floor is a high demand.

There are also robotic pans and pots. Amazing as it is, some homes has robotic chef and kitchen. Although, there is no assurance about the taste. However, inside the system of these robotic chefs are recipes of the world’s renowned chefs.

Believe it or not, even robotic pets are existent! There are different variety of robot dogs, cats, owls, hedgehogs and even a unicorn. For one thing, these robot pets are not kids toys! They are purposely made to serve as companions like a real pet. As a matter of fact, there are robot pets for different ages even for seniors!

Moreover, I heard that after electric cars, robotic cars are now available. And I believe the list will just keep on growing as time pass by. Therefore, whether we like it or not, robotics technology became an indispensable part of our daily living.

Transforming the Toys

Robotics and coding influenced the kids toys as well. Before, safety is enough as the main consideration for choosing a toy. So, most toys were simply unmovable kid friendly shaped toys. As time pass by, the toys changed. And they were no longer the simple toys from years ago.

In my youth, speaking and remote-controlled toys were already a wonder. A few years ago, transformer toys and robots became popular. Recently, programmable robot toys became the latest craze.

In like manner, playing board games were no longer as simple as rolling a die. Nowadays, coding board games are the new trend. They come with robots and coding cards.

Modifying Education

In like manner, robotics and coding modified education as well. They are no longer just an option for a college course. As a matter of fact, my kids’ kindergarten used programmable robot toys for education. There is also a rise in the number of robotics and coding academies for elementary students.

I also heard on the news about robotic teachers deployed in the classrooms. Although, it is not yet widely implemented in our country, having robots as teachers is a big possibility.

My View on Robotics and Coding

I personally love robotics and coding. They are just simply amazing or should I say the geniuses behind these technologies are amazing. Engineers who designed and built the physical robots are admirable.

However, we cannot warrant the insane coding involved to make these robots exceptionally intelligent machines. Behind them are brilliant programmers who labored for hours, days, months and even years in order to give us these astounding innovations.

I love and enjoy watching movies with robots and futuristic elements in it. Sometimes I couldn’t help but wonder if one day these fictional robot characters and the futuristic technology driven modern worlds in movies will actually become a reality.

I think a cuddly health care provider like Baymax (from the movie Big Hero 6) for every family is not a bad idea. And just imagine having Wakanda’s cool medical technology in Black Panther movie being available to us! Human cloning in the movie Replica gave me goose bumps though. But who knows, all these might be under wraps.

What Is Robotics?

Robotics is simply a branch of science and technology that is associated with the designing, building, operating and utilizing of intelligent machines called robots. It produced robots to provide ease, assist and aid humans in their daily activities particularly the activities that are risky and harmful to humans. Hence, the main purpose of this branch of technology is to keep us safe and away from perilous situations by making use of robots.

Are All Automated Machines Robots?

A lot of automated machines with sophisticated programs are within easy reach. They are also made to provide convenience and safety to humans. But are they robots?

Automated machines help in doing human tasks deemed to be repetitive and monotonous. For instance, doing the laundry and cooking rice. These are everyday routines that led to the manufacturing of washing machines and rice cooker.

Another example is the counting of bills and coins in banks. This task is part of the daily operation of the banking sector. It is simple but making even the slightest mistake in this ordinary task can result in a complex of problems. This gave rise to automatic bill and coin counters.

We also have the elevator. This automated lifter has made it convenient for us to climb up and down tall establishments. Some modern elevators have sophisticated coding to ensure accident free and safety operation but still they are not counted as robots.

Vending machines, ATMs, heating and cooling systems, and the likes are automated and intelligent machines but they are not robots.

Hence, not all automated machines are considered as robots. However, robots on the other hand are automated and intelligent machines. Some of them are built for convenience and assistance in mundane chores. However, most of them are built to do jobs that are dangerous to human such as deactivating bombs, going and exploring to ruins, mines and shipwrecks, finding survivors and performing rescue operations in unstable locations. Some are even sent to space for exploration and research.

The Anatomy Of A Robot

Robots have special features that separated them from other automated and intelligent machines.

1. Sense.

One essential characteristic of robots is the ability to perceive and feel its environment. Robots have to be aware of their surroundings. In fact, they have different kinds of sensors that mimics the functions of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, arms, hands and legs.

2. Intelligence. 

This is one of the most important feature of robots. Robots should be intelligent. At least, they should possess a “common sense” to carry and accomplish task. Of course, robots acquired that intellect from its human programmer. So every robot should have the capacity to receive a program that would enable it to efficiently work.

3. Mobility.

Robots should be able to go from one place to another. Moreover, They also should be able to move its parts like arms to do things like pick and move objects.

They should be able to move from left to right or turn around. Wheels, walking legs or propellers help the robots achieve this movability.

4. Power. 

Robots should have energy source. This is a requirement for them to be able to carry out task for a duration of time. There are variety of sources where robots can get their energy. Depending on their built, they can have batteries, electrical or solar as their power source.

The Significance of Coding to Robotics

Coding plays a very important role in robotics and robots. It is the procedure of using a programming language to enable the computer or machine to carry an instruction. Each line of code tells the machine to spring into action.

In order to accomplish a job, one has to write a lot of lines of code called script. This makes coding the essence and intrinsic part of robotics.  The absence of coding in robotics is like the absence of brain to humans.

Thus, robots are not intelligent machines without coding. Without coding, robots cannot execute and achieve something significant.


Robotics and Coding for Kids

Is our future being shaped by robotics and coding?

As the influence of robotics and coding increase day by day, it will likely extend its prevalence to our future.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, the shaping of our future still lies in our own hands.

We still call the shots whether we want to buy or not the modern appliances, gadgets, devices and others.

It is the same with robotics and coding. If we enjoy and are passionate about them being in our future then we can just go for it and follow the flow.

However, if we feel otherwise, we can choose to swim against the current. We hold the reins as to what part of our life, living and future we want robotics and coding to gain leverage with. Don’t we?

How about you?

Do you think robotics and coding are shaping your future?

Do you have gadgets or appliances equipped with robotics and AI?

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8 Replies to “Robotics and Coding: Is Our Future Being Shaped By Them?”

  1. The coming in of robotics cars will be wonderful. But the rate at which robots have begin to become useful is alarming, like you rightly said you find them in every sector. Thank you for drawing a line between automated machines and robots, not all automated machines are robots, but robots are automated machines

  2. Until reading this post, I have never really given this subject much thought. Now though I can see it is something I need to think about a lot more. The children of today are growing up with so much technology around them, that its a very different world to when i grew up. I’m still reluctant at the moment to purchase new items that are robotic. I am slowly coming around to the idea with certain items such as vacuum cleaners that mop the floor as well. When my grandchildren are adults will they have a choice?

  3. This is very detailed and thought provoking post on robotics and coding. I found it very helpful to learn the difference between a robot and an automated machine, something that I had not really thought about in this way.I do not think that “swimming against the tide” will really help us, and specially not if we want to prepare the next generation for the future. 

    I certainly enjoy having a vacuum cleaner that can run through my house and clean, while I can use my time more constructively. 

  4. What an awesome article. Thank u for this wonderfully written and researched piece. 

    Robotics is my pet subject and I love what technology can bring to us. I agree that our future is totally being shaped by robots and intelligent machines, and that is a good thing. Though we have the reins in our hands, technology is bound to develop further, and therefore our future is with robots, whether we like it or not.

    I sure think of the future as wonderful, with most chores being done for us by intelligent machines.



    1. Robots are doing wonders for us. Life is more convenient and comfortable with them around.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Aparna!~^

  5. Thanks for writing such thought-provoking article. Yes, I’ve never imagined how will our humanity become when robotics, coding, and AI take over almost everything. Personally, I’m satisfied with our current technology as they really help us to have a better life. I think, no matter how to advance the technology, humans’ future will still be shaped by our hand.

  6. This is an interesting read and a reality slap of how much  and how fast things have changed. I am not sure if swimming against the flow will really do us good, especially while parenting. We need to position  our kids better for the era that they will be living in, and most part of that future is made by robotics and coding.

  7. Hello, it is amazing how robotics science and technology developed in the last decades and faster recently. This part of the technology was being much helpful to us in our daily life and activities in every sector and activity area. Turning back to your question at the closure of the article, I think that we can impact in having or not robots and codes in the future, but I’m not sure how decisive can be our impact. People nowadays like very much to have a commodity and using robots and intelligent machines as much as possible, and I’m not sure by which side the maggiore part of society will stay.

    Thank you for sharing this informative article.


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