Robotics And Artificial Intelligence – Should We Fear Them?

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Robotics and artificial intelligence is gaining more and more leverage in the world today. Our pursuit of security, comfort and convenience led to innovations after innovations. The cutting edge technology is relentlessly serving us new sophisticated and high tech products. And they did not fail to astonish us. Those living in avant-garde and highly urbanized countries are more than eager to get their hands on them.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

A lot of people replace their mobile phone instantaneously with the latest model available. However, that “latest” model would just last for a few months. Due to the fact, that new versions are expeditiously up for grabs. Hence, those enthusiasts tend to change their device at least twice a year.

Televisions are now not only smart but android powered. They have voice recognition system. You just simply have to speak to make it do things for you. Some android TVs even have Google Assistant button. They can do research and answer your questions by displaying it on the screen.

Recently, you can flip convertible laptops at 360 degrees. They have dual function of a touch screen tablet and a portable computer. These have different modes to fit the users needs. Later, I think, new laptops would come in pocket-size but expandable when needed.

These days the hype is not only on gadgets and devices but on robots and artificial intelligence. As familiar as the terms may sound but do we really know what they are. How are robotics and artificial intelligence related?

Robotics And Artificial Intelligence – Are They The Same?

Robotics and artificial intelligence surely came a long way. They are the latest talk of the town.

But, hey, are they the same?

Currently, state-of-the-art technology is developing in high-speed. And there are some terms that are quite confusing to mere mortals like me (and maybe my friends, too 😅). A lot of people often confound the terms A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, and robots. Are they not the same?

As a matter of fact, when A.I. is mentioned I would think of robots. In like manner, when I hear something about robots I would think of AI. Previously, I thought robot is just a shortened word for robotics. Well, it is embarrassing. But am I alone?

Well, this time I did my research and found out (of course) that they are different!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

If robotics and artificial intelligence are not the same. Then, how are they different?

According to Wikipedia, AI is machine intelligence. It is the intellectual capacity or brainpower of a machine or a computer. A thinking machine working similar to human mind. A machine that has a logical and mental function to learn and solve problems.

In addition, perception, planning, reasoning, language processing and understanding human speech are all part of AI. It also includes the ability to manipulate and move objects.

Furthermore, artificial Intelligence contributed to machines progressively becoming astute. Because of AI, machines could play games better than humans. For instance, a computer Deep Blue beat the chess Grandmaster Kasparov.

Machines with AI could figure out images and maneuver cars. They could also understand and take heed to verbal commands. Through AI, hey became indispensable workers in different industries. In fact, there are robots who could communicate and respond to questions verbally like human.

Prodigious as it is, the computers, phones, cars and a lot of machines now have AI. Artificial Intelligence made it possible for us to type, search and browse the web, save and retrieve data, do voice and video call and many other things.

Artificial Intelligence made many things possible for us. Even making navigation effortless. The gaming industry also became more interesting because of AI. Banking and trading sectors now includes AI in their operation.

Due to AI, the trendy rice cookers can cook “ideal” cooked rice regardless of rice variety and keep it warm. The latest vacuum cleaners with AI has the ability to work without human aid. Our phones and televisions have the speech recognition faculty due to AI.

However, A.I. is not robotics and is not synonymous to robot.

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Robotics and Robots

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

So, now we are clear, robotics and artificial intelligence are not the same. They may be often associated with each other but the are actually two distinct and separate entities.

But how about robotics and robots?

Robotics is the branch of technology that produces cognitive machines called robots. It is responsible for the design, building, operation and use of these intelligent machines that mimics human mind and action.

The main purpose of robotics is to assist and ensure human safety. The robots were made to help humans by doing the tasks that are harmful and put human life in danger.

Robots are basically mechanical and electrical in their structure. Their ability to do something and executing commands depends on some level of programming code. The level of programming installed in a robot determines the complexity of tasks that it can perform.

Mostly, robots have programs to accomplish specific tasks. We have domestic robots that contains programs to do service and household chores like the robotic vacuum cleaner. We also have industrial robots that are increasingly used in manufacturing. There are also military robots, construction robots, agricultural robots, medical robots and robots for sports that are used in those respective fields.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, as we can see have been able to produce indispensable helpers in a lot of industries. Their positive contributions on those industries are undeniable. But as harmless as they may seem, can they pose a threat to us?

Should We Be Alarmed?

There are so many confusing terms robotics and artificial intelligence, robotics and robots, intelligent machines. But who really cares if they are the same or different?

No matter they are the same or different, we cannot deny the fact that they are amazing!

However, astounding as they are, these newfangled devices, gadget, appliances and robot helpers also caused edginess to some people.

Could this be a repercussion of watching numerous robotics and unconventional technology themed movies or a byproduct of wild imagination?

Whatever the reason behind the fear, a number are speculating that these are not far from becoming real. Do you also think so?

Could a defective robot turn from being a helper to an exterminator of humanity?

Robotics and artificial intelligence are awesome and breathtaking masterpieces, however, did not exist on their own.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

They have their creators. Geniuses that made them what they are now.

Nevertheless, notwithstanding the sophisticated coding involved in a smart machine, glitches are inevitable. These glitches can range from a tiny spark to explosive and messy malfunctioning.

The drawbacks caused by a lot of factors such as user error and flaws in the program that can be more evident as time pass by. The finite quality of the mechanical and electrical materials can also be factors for malfunctions.

But could these malfunctions and glitches be valid reasons to turn robot helpers to exterminators of human? Well, as I stated above, those malfunctions and glitches can cause accidents that could be harmful to humans. Other than that, robots cannot just decide by themselves to purposely exterminate humans.

Becoming A Threat…

Robotics and artificial intelligence became a sure hit. Their tandem became unmatchable. The two of them combined produced indispensable helpers if not to the whole world then to some companies.

Nonetheless, their fame and usefulness brought a certain scare to the workforce. As they became more efficient workers to their human contemporaries.

Robots have replaced and resulted job loss to a number of human workers. Therefore, bringing about alarm and threat for man to be without employment in the future.

Hence, in my opinion, apart from this, there is no reason for alarm. Robotics and AI are not a threat to humans except through accidents due to some mishaps.

For the reason that, behind every intelligent robots or machines are brilliant programmers. Hence, they can only accomplish tasks that are in their program. The extent of their power or weakness lies in the hands of their programmers and engineers.

Robotics technology has its ethical mission of protecting and keeping man from harm. So unless they deviate from that there is no reason for fear. On that account, it is not robotics and AI that should make us nervous but the people behind them. Are we on the same page?

Let me know what you think and leave a comment below.

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9 Replies to “Robotics And Artificial Intelligence – Should We Fear Them?”

  1. I do agree with you that AI and Robotics are limited and will remain  so because the engineers and programmers behind them are also limited. Although these technological advances are being implemented to help humans and keep them from danger and harm , who know if this will continue to be the case as man changes everyday and some of those changes often throw ethics through the window as humans seek to promote their  ideologies.   

  2. You have enlightened me as I also erroneously thought that artificial intelligence and robotics were the same. Technology is developing at such a fast pace and new devices and gadgets are constantly being launched. I can understand that some people are fearful of AI and robotics and worried that their job would be taken over by it. 

    AI and robotics have both made many aspects of our lives easier as well, but at the end of the day, the robot or computer is only as good as the programmed code that has been embedded in it.

  3. What I love about AI, at least in the context of my daily life, is that it helps to keep my floor clean (robotic vacuum) and improve my sleeping pattern (fitness tracker). In many ways, I think AI that’s geared towards improving one’s quality of life is something worth embracing. I also like the idea of robotics that elevates workload but if you send one to my hotel room to pick my luggage, it will feel very creepy and I might think twice about staying there again. You get the idea.

  4. Thank you very much, you clearly differentiated these two terms. Although they are not closely related they are always misconstrued to mean the same thing. Robotics is not AI. AI have to do with machine intelligence and like you identified robotics have to do with robots, machines. Worth mentioning is that most robots now rely on AI to be more effective 

  5. Hello there thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece  of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. Watching these robotic themed movies can mess up with ones thinking about how these machines can go bizarre. Thanks for clearing that out and pointing out the main issues to be afraid of.

  6. The truth about this matter is that things are really going up in the world that we are on today and just like you have explained about changing out phones and all of that is the same way that we always try to move up the latest ladder. I think robotics and AI is the future of our world and we should try to start embracing them now.

  7. This is really an outstanding post. Thank you very much! I read some days ago about an article using robots for medical research. Very interesting! The future will show lots of these developments, especially in hospitals and industry. They can help us a lot and already do. But I find it also frightened if I think about getting an operation done by a robot; even a doctor sits by and gives orders. I would need to get used to this idea. But it is also very fascinating. I don’t think they would harm a human being, only if they are programmed to do so. They are still computers.

  8. Greeting! The post is great. With the development of technology, we are increasingly losing control of our lives, which is being taken over by machines and robots. I fear that in the future there will be more robots than humans in the world.

    1. Hi! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      With robotics technology being applied to our home appliances like vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, cooking pots and television to name a few. Together with existence of robotic cars and kids’toys I think there’s no doubt that time will come that there are more robots than humans. I just hope it would be for our best.

      Have a wonderful day Vukic!~^


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