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Personally, robotics and coding for kids are subjects that is close to my heart. In my opinion, it is important for kids to have knowledge on robotics and coding. Modern technology is unstoppably developing in a fast pace. And became just way too advanced.

Our kids might not necessarily become computer programmers. But in my opinion, this will help them overcome fear and anxiety that modern technology has unconsciously brought to a lot of people. Surely, knowledge in robotics and coding will help them manage and control technology.

My Website

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This website robotsandcodingforkids.com promotes STEAM Education for kids. However, the focus is on robotics and coding for kids.

Honestly, I am trying to hit two birds in one stone with this website. On the hand, I want this for my kids’ education. On the other hand, I want this to be my personal outlet for expressing myself.

In truth, I love robotics and coding. I love the challenge that they bring. They never failed to amaze me. Through this website, I, myself, am learning new things. And I want to share it with others.

It is my hope that this website, will not only help me and my kids but others as well. I will do my best to give a fun and interesting way to learn robotics and coding for kids.

Many years ago only a few had the privilege to learn robotics and coding. Recently, a lot of companies are producing, using and promoting robotics and coding for kids. Hence, these days even small kids have a great chance to learn.

Robotics and coding for kids are now popular. So even toy manufacturers are riding the wave of their popularity. Even kindergarten and elementary schools are adapting robotics and coding for kids in their curriculum. Robotics and coding made the children’s learning more interesting and fun.

Articles on Robotics and Coding for Kids

Robotics and Coding for Kids

The main objective of my website is to provide useful in formation on robotics and coding for kids. Through my site, I want to help parents and teachers alike to choose which ones are suitable and helpful for their children.

Specifically, I am planning to write about our experience on Lego Education WeDo 2.0 core set and other robotics sets that we already have.

In addition, I am going to research and write about useful online robotics and coding courses for kids.

Articles on Technology

Robotics and Coding for Kids

Furthermore, aside from articles on robotics and coding for kids, I am also writing some articles on technology as a whole.

It is a fact that the world we are living today has the influence of robotics technology and coding in almost every aspect. For instance, our home appliances are no longer simply automated machines. Our TVs, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, etc. are now mostly AI equipped.

Consequently, we call them smart machines. Similarly, a lot of industries and companies employed robotics technology and AI. Hence, robotics technology is becoming an inevitable part of our modern world.



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3 Replies to “About Robotics and Coding for Kids”

  1. Hi Rose

    Wow! I love your niche, and your articles. You have done a great job so far!

    You have given me a great idea – I need to send my brother a link to your site. His kids are just the right age to start learning. Especially his eldest. This is perfect for him.

    Thank you for inspiring me and for all your interesting reading material.

    Keep up the good work


  2. We think that this would be great for the little kids to start getting into this we would be all for this makes life and school more interesting of course they could not ever be us or replace us. But this could start kids early off to make a decision in life about what they want to be in life.
    We would support this for kids learning about robotic and coding these kids could be more advanced than most.


    1. Educating the kids on robotics and coding will not only help them be more advanced. Moreover, it will help them not to be overwhelmed by the technology and be in control of it.

      Thank you Mathew and Deloris!


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